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Chroniques du bordel


The third urban rap and colourful album Germinal, combining played instruments with samples and programming. A music fed on world sonorities where jazz flavours mix with classical strings and and Soul and Electro take-offs combine with Reggae vibes. Germinal unfolds a special hybrid universe far from anything you know, his universe. Germinal's voice stands out with its particular colour and its nonchalant flow. Urban poetry, street literature, city story-teller, Germinal's faces are multiple. Both direct and intimate, the lyrics reflect his music, colourful, slangy and poetic. The concern for our world can be felt in between the lines, the key word : « Speak to all ». This album saw remarkable collaborations come to life with, among others, rapper DEMI-PORTION, African singer HENRI DIKONGUE. The presence of CLAUDIO IBARRA, bass player in hip hop band «La Cédille». The music of WALTER PAGLIANI, composer for band LA CANAILLE and the electro productions by ALTER ODIO. Enjoy!!

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08 September 2008

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